Promoted Videos on Pinterest

Promoted videos: New way of Advertising on Pinterest

“Video will be a core part”, says the company announcing…
Facebook Video App Lifestage

Facebook Launches New Video App for Users Under 22: Lifestage

Facebook isn’t done trying to capture snapchat generation.…
World Photography Day 2016

Happy World Photography Day

Wherever there is light, one can photograph. - Alfred Stieglitz We…
photography tips
tips to create slideshow videos

7 Tips to Create Best Slideshow Videos

Making slideshow videos have never been easier. There are plenty…
video for better sales & conversion

Create Slideshow Videos for Better Product Sales and Increased Conversion

Video marketing has been the name of the game in the recent years.…
video styles for realtors

Hand-picked Video styles for realtors

Videos have been the dawn of the new era in marketing scenario.…
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