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How digital marketers can use Picovico API to run video contests for brands

Though social media seems to be flooded with funny cat videos and selfies, there are many people who rely upon these networks for discovering brands (before getting engaged with one). For discovery, it is essential that your brands are highly visible. In order to increase the visibility, as a digital marketer, it is not enough […]

5 best gifts for a Virgo Man and Woman

Virgos always value small details over the bigger picture and have a deep sense of humanity making them the most careful sign in the zodiac chart. So, you will want to carefully assess the choices before gifting any Virgo men or women. Being the practical and classy sign, best gift for a Virgo is something […]

What is ‘Picovico Stories’ and how to start one?

Isn’t everything in life easier when you have a preset base to work with? Stories – is our attempt to simplify your video-making journey at Picovico. Picovico Stories provide you with a pre-defined video templates. The idea behind Picovico Stories developed when we received several queries that read “Can we create a video same like […]

Video making is more exciting with stories and voice-over

You should have experienced many changes in Picovico following its recent upgrade, from introducing new video styles to trendy video formats for social media compatibility (square and vertical videos). We are continuously working to fabricate new ideas and features to intensify the video-making experience more smooth and quick. And this time, we have come up […]

Happy Friendship Day 2017

The ones we live for, the ones with ride, the ones we are prepared to take a bullet for, such strong emotions and we can sum it up in one word – Friendship. Today’s the first Sunday of August and we celebrate this special day today. Friendship day is celebrated across the globe with food, […]

Best Gift Ideas for Leo Men and Women

A lot of people are quick to ridicule horoscopes but can you believe how real it can be at times? In my experience, that’s certainly true when it comes to determining an individual’s personality and finding appropriate gifts for them. And there is going to be needs for a lot of gifts for Leos this […]