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Kicking off your photography business with maternity photography

If you are a photographer wondering how to start a photography business, you can always consider maternity photography. People want to capture the beautiful experience of entering into parenthood and their transformation during the period. Maternity photography endows the opportunity to capture critical moments of your client’s life that they will cherish forever. In maternity […]

Top 10 awesome video marketing stats for realtors

Videos are rapidly gaining popularity over social medias and blogs. Video Marketing has now become a “must have” element unlike before when videos were a “nice to have” things for marketers. Real estate agents, in particular, need video marketing in their marketing mix as real estate relies heavily on visual content. Below we present a handful […]

Top 3 Challenges in Video Making (with Solutions!)

More than 52% of marketing professionals consider videos to be an important tool for their current marketing and storytelling strategies. Videos have become a crucial tool for marketing but there are some challenges associated with creating resourceful videos. Listed below are top three major challenges that you, as a marketer may face while making videos: […]

Photographers: Use slideshow video to showcase your art – Infographic

Are you one of those photographers whose amazing photographs bring little to nothing income? So is John, like those 56.4% photographers who have never made money from photographs. Let’s see what John did? John found an easy and cost effective slideshow maker that produces videos within minutes in Picovico. Picovico lets you make a stunning […]

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Happy father’s day to all the super dads!

Father’s Day is finally here! Every year, we have the pleasure of celebrating Father’s Day. So, take the time to cherish and celebrate the day that is often overshadowed by Mother’s Day. Let your dad enjoy the spotlight today! Dads have always been our strength. They have supported us in our good and bad, helped […]