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Picovico for Education – a privilege to your classroom at deep discounted rate

Technology is ever changing and so are the practices in our education system. Today, rhetorical method of learning is shadowed by competitive real-time learning. And in this context, videos have topped the list – making it one of the finest and most effective methods to retain the shared knowledge. A study has shown that, 90% […]

How to make your own wedding invitation video

Wedding is a lifetime memory. So it’s normal for you to not compromise on anything; starting from the invitation card itself. We appreciate your urge for perfection and that is why we’ve got you some really nice wedding invitation video theme designed by professionals. Create incredible wedding invitation videos in 5 easy steps with Picovico […]

Birthday Gift Ideas for Capricorn Zodiac

The tenth sign of the zodiac is the goat sign – Capricorn. People with this zodiac sign are serious, independent, calm, confident and determined. They are also very picky. If you’re choosing a gift for them, take your time. They will notice even the crease on your gift wrapping. However, when done right, they will […]

Happy New Year 2018

2017 was an awesome year so far. Like you, we too have gone through many rise and falls and numerous product updates. Looking back to the year, we see some incredible achievement that gives us joy while we share this with you. Below are some of the major highlights of 2017 at Picovico.       Launched Picovico […]