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24 February 2013

How to make a video using Picovico

how to make video

One always loves to click or get clicked, and at the end of the day when we look behind we are left with a set of photos as a reservoir of our memories. But have we ever felt that these captured moments are actually missing their livelihood? As by simply seeing those pictures one can’t get a clear picture of the story behind it. And here comes Picovico; a perfect solution to relive your moments.

Picovico is a web based video slideshow maker that can make your pictures look tremendously better with added music and special effects. It makes it easy for you to create a video with no registry hassle and no cost. Go to and login with you Facebook account or use your email to get an account on Picovico.

Here is how to make a video using Picovico:

(1) Select a style:

Enhance your legendary pictures with different styles. Picovico gives you a choice of  Video styles to set the mood. Want to put together pictures to the tunes of your favorite song? We got a style to go with that.

how to make a video

(2) Upload your photos:

You can upload your photos from computer or import from Facebook or Flickr. Then you can add captions to uploaded photos or add new text slides along with it.

how to make a video

(3) Choose your music:

A wide variety of music (instrumentals) is made available for you to select from. Don't like instrumentals? You can upload your own music too.

how to make a video_1

(4) Personalize your video:

Give your video a beautiful title, choose options for sharing and press the RED BUTTON. Picovico will turn your photos into a spiffy video and notify you by email when done.

Now you can leave your freshly minted video of awesomeness on site for public viewing or share it on Facebook or YouTube or embed it on your website or blog. You can also download and save a copy on your desktop.

Its all about stimulating multiple senses of your viewers i.e., looking beautiful to the eyes & sounding good to the ears and Picovico lets you do that! It lets you make videos that keep viewers entertained through countless photos and express your story at the same time.

Use Picovico to make videos that people will actually want to watch!