How to Impress your Girlfriend this Valentine?

Impress your Valentine with a video

Impressing your girlfriend this valentine’s day does not have to be as complicated as you might think. While you might have budget and time restrictions, it doesn’t take as much to woo your girlfriend. As long as you are putting in your best efforts to impress her, you should be fine.

So, to help you with the big day, we have put together some ideas to help you impress your girlfriend this valentine.

Chocolates and Flowers

Let’s start with chocolates and flowers. Sweetening her taste buds and warming her heart with some flowers is definitely a nice way to start your valentine date.

A Lovely Outdoor Date

Walking hand-in-hand with a loved one is half of the joys there is in this world. Depending on where you’re located, this might not always be possible, but if possible, go and do something adventurous together. Go hiking, boating, or if not, just take her to the nearby park. The idea is to spend time doing something you love in a peaceful natural setting.

If these ideas don’t seem feasible, you can always take her for a walk before or after dinner and have some peaceful conversation without being distracted.

Dinner Date

Valentine’s day is incomplete without a dinner date. Preferably, no McDonald’s or Burger king today. Take her out for a real dinner date. It doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you give her the opportunity to prep-up for you.

Take her Dancing

Almost every woman loves dancing. Nobody’s an expert, so even if you haven’t got the greatest of moves, do not hesitate to go out on the dance floor with your lady love. Researchers have associated dancing with happiness and love. A couple that dances together stays together. (ok, I admit, I completely made that up, but do take her dancing)


You can never have too many surprises on valentine’s day. Surprise your love with a gift. Again, don’t worry about breaking banks to impress her. A right woman will love you no matter what. But, do make sure you give her something that she wants/needs. Some good gifts could be the book she’s been wanting to read for a while, a cute necklace, and there are plenty more.

Romantic Treasure Hunt

You could definitely spice up gift giving with a romantic treasure hunt. You could leave some clues here and there and eventually lead her to your gift. Another thing you could lead up to with your romantic treasure hunt is a Valentine day video for her.

Valentine day Video

If valentine day means a great deal to your partner, you definitely want her to feel special. And valentine day video would be the perfect gift or supplementary gift to present to your loved one.

Don’t worry about the technical part.

You wish it, and it will happen. With an easy-to-use tool like Picovico it will literally only take minutes to create a lovely valentine’s day video for your girlfriend. We recommend you surprise her with this video gift. Gather your past photos and get in front of the computer.

Log in to and you are already half way through. Now, all you need to do is upload those photos, choose a romantic music and that’s it. You just have to hit few clicks and your video will be ready.

At last

It’s not a given that you must do all of these things mentioned above to woo your girlfriend. Everyone is different and all of these tips might not apply to you. And it’s okay, don’t pressurize yourself. Let things happen naturally. All that matters is the love and bonding you have with your partner.

Hope you have an amazing Valentine’s day with your love.

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